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What will  The    #555JUJUCREW  do for you?

  • The #555JUJUCREW is a collective of individuals, who are pooling together energy, for their own Spiritual, Mental, Emotional and Physical betterment. Now this Energy pool is also gathering Cosmic energy on an EXPONENTIAL rate...DAILY. So, imagine we came together and made a snowball at the top of a mountain. We then roll it down the hill. With each revolution, it gains mass, speed, volume and POWER. Just like in the cartoons it gets HUGE....QUICK. Well now that is what is happening. The Primary agenda of this collective would be FIRST, for the ascension, self transfomation/transmutation and growth of each member  individually on a SPIRITUAL LEVEL. Whatever that means to and for each individual member. Followed by the Mental, Emotional and finally Physical Levels. When you get your Spirit right EVERYTHING else in your 3D world has to conform to THAT. In essence we have created a self generating battery of patterned energy that each ACTIVE member can access and use for their own Spiritual, Mental, Emotional and Physical/Mundane needs as well. Provided each individual member is doing their own INDIVIDUAL Spiritual work, in whatever form, fashion or capacity that means for them, they can Expect: 

  • Enhanced intuitive Reception

  • Transmissions, downloads, insights about themselves and their world which in and of themselves are fucking game changers

  • Over time a noticeable ability to manifest results in their physical world faster and faster

What Shango Rei Will Do For  Members

  • Shango Rei will perform Bi-Monthly Rituals on behalf of and for The Collective as a whole every NEW MOON and FULL MOON, EVERY MONTH. How's that for Spiritual Energy Equity?!

  • Shango Rei will also add further energy on a daily basis by working of a #555JUJUCREW altar, DAILY. For you and on your behalf

  • Members will receive a Bi Monthly Spirit Message, based on the "Shuffle Number" they chose when they joined

  • Shango Rei will also have between 1 and 3 monthly SILENT giveaways. Spirit will determine 1 - 3 random members of the collective to receive whatever the Love Give Away Prize is for the month ( Gifted Psychic Email Reading, Necklaces, etc etc) 

  • Collective members will get "first dibbs" on all new products, books and services offered, with special offers JUST for active members of the collective.

Only $3.69 USD A MONTH

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