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I was a skeptic at first but Mr. Shango Rei was on point in many areas of life. He will only give you information if he is intuitively guided to do so and not otherwise. Shango Rei is definitely the real deal, and trust him to give me another reading in a heartbeat!

Corrina Corrina

Salinas, California ( Facebook)

Good evening. I just wanted to touch bases with u in reference to ur reading. In ur reading u told me that I would meet someone younger than I who id be very interested in. I didn't believe it to be true bcuz I don't mess with younger men. But there's this one guy who has just recently gained my undivided attention. I will keep u posted on the progress. I don't wanna assume or I would've inboxed u sooner. But this is the real thing. Lmaooooo I will definitely keep u updated. I didn't think any of that would actually happen. But it's unfolding in front of my eyes! I'm in shock!

Tee Ma'at Davis

NYC, New York ( Facebook)

It was a gift as a result of a prize won, I received a reading. I was grateful, excited and was told to share certain key demographics. I took a chance and waited my turn. It was the most beautiful reading I had ever experienced; it covered all aspects of life. Harmony seemed to be the theme, observation of thoughts, behaviors creating things and the benefits and outcome of healthy communication. The take away for me was Integration, instead of thinking what could I easily integrate into my life, I understood to continue focusing on the big picture and optimize how I use my time, and planting “life seeds” as to continue to fulfill my life path, and understanding how different parts of my life affect one another. Lastly, the reading is recording, which is most precious to me; I return to it again and again for confirmation and guidance.

Omo Fe Oya


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First and foremost I would like to thank you for your intuition on me. Some things have come to the forefront and others are cooking. Your reading was on point in many of the cycles. Thanks for making me more aware of my surroundings as well as preparing me for things. Willow

Yem Willow

Spring Hope, North Carolina

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