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Maybe you've 'tried' Magick before and failed to materialize your desired result.


One minute you're here looking at my website, the next?



You're intention is beating down your door to get to you.


Would You Feel Safe? Satisfied and Assured? 


How do you Feel Fulfilled with your Manifestation?


Make note of that.


Ask yourself WHY you are really here? 


What is it you truly and SPECIFICALLY want to make manifest in your life?


This is a question that deserves the utmost focus and attention.


The Answer to that determines your result, or lack thereof. 


*Unfamiliar Levels Of Success Require Unfamiliar Actions

You are definitely not here by accident.

You may notice the feeling of some type of spiritual and cosmic alignment

happening here, now.

Well, to be fair, you are about to bend and shift the very fabric of your reality.

How Magick Ritual Can Work For You And What Can You Expect

Number one, if you aren't ALL IN, then you should just exit now.


In other words, if your attitude towards creating that change you seek isn't "FUCK YES"... then I'm afraid you're wasting BOTH of our time.


I Am only stating this because I don't like loosing or failures.


I have a 93% SUCCESS rate and I Am only interested in raising that percentage.


You should ONLY expect the result you are here for.

In the most Divine and surprising way.

Are YOU The Right Kind Of Client For These Services?

If you are a patient person....or at LEAST can excercise their patience then This Can Be Your Game Changer. If you have no patience, or are OCD about your situation, save us both some time and just "forgetaboutit"....below are our other criteria:

We Can Get You Your Result If:

*You are a patient person

*You are at least financially stable (services START at $1,500)

* You are mentally balanced

*You are willing and able to do whatever may be advised to you, in accordance with your case

*You can Follow Instructions


That's Me, If Accepted, What Do I Get As A Client Of Shango Rei???

  • 60 - 90 Days of Ritual and Spell Work Services to insure your Success.

  • Bi-Weekly, 15 minute, "check in" sessions with Shango Rei, where you can ask questions and discuss everything pertinent to your case. This also gives Shango Rei the opportunity to make any calibration, magickally speaking, to your case as it unfolds.

  • 24/7 email, text and Facebook Messenger access to Shango Rei. 


Let us see if we should even work together first. Let's Talk.



* First step is to book an Application Consultation. You will find the Paypal Button below for that.

* I will email you within 48 - 72 hours to arrange our consult.

* During this consult we can discuss your case and I can ask pertinent questions.

* I may even do a Divination on your case AND the prospect of US working together during the call.

*The call will be roughly 20-30 minutes long.

*In the event I cannot take your case, I will give you some magickal remedies, customized around your personal situation, that you can do on your own.

* You will get maximum value and benefit from this consult, regardless as to whether I can take you on as a VIP client or not.

spiritual consultations and intuitive readings

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