What is it YOU REALLY WANT?!?


What has led you here and now? You have excelled and are succeeding in several areas of your life, but there is still this elusive "breakthrough" your seeking. You may even have felt blocked or cursed as it relates to this breakthrough you seek. Maybe you have just plateaued, and it feels like you're smacking up against a brick wall. At this point it wouldn't be a far stretch to think that your desire is almost impossible for you. You have ALMOST accepted that this is JUST the way shit is... for YOU. I said "ALMOST"... because there is still that aspect of you that KNOWS You Can Have This, or you wouldn't be here. Please understand this. You being HERE may very well be the first step in You Finally Realizing Your Desire


*Unfamiliar Levels Of Success Require Unfamiliar Actions

Let's pretend, You Know, There Are No "Accidents"or "Coincidence" ONLY Synchronicity. So you're Here for a reason... YOUR reason(s). You know the pain, the anxiety, anxiousness and restlessness as it relates to the next level, up until now, you have been searching for. You may have even thought something like, " Shit, I don't wanna die NEVER having been, done or had this!". Did you know your Spirit speaks to you through what you TRULY desire? Everything leads back to yourself and exploring and experiencing yourself... ESPECIALLY... your heart's desires. Now there are many ways to Experience That Now and THIS is just one way. One path to your desired destination. Every tension needs a resolution. You know that just LUSTING and WANTING, feeling your perceived lack in the pit of your stomach is simply NOT cutting it. Your at the edge of the rabbit hole right now....looking down into the abyss of the unknown. Are you "sick and tired "enough of being sick and tired? Have you reached the point where You Feel DONE With Not Making Progress With This???

How Magick Ritual Can Work For You And What Can You Expect

According to Quantum Physics, on an energetic level we are all interconnected. You may already know this. The desired version of yourself who is, has and does what you truly desire ALREADY exists. You are just currently not experiencing it. Through the modality of Magick Ritual, Shango Rei basically hacks into your current reality, then becomes a facilitator, or bridge, to connect you to the desired version of your reality you choose. And yes, along the way YOU will change and or transform as well. The ACTUAL change everyone seeks DOES happen in an instant or twinkling of an eye. The INDIVIDUAL process that leads UP to that change is what takes many people MANY years, if they ever reach that moment where they truly ARE ready and WILLING to change at all. 

Are YOU The Right Kind Of Client For These Services?

If you are a patient person....or at LEAST can excercise their patience then This Can Be Your Game Changer. If you have no patience, or are OCD about your situation, save us both some time and just "forgetaboutit"....below are our other criteria:

The key factors and qualifications our next two Ritual/ Spell work Clients must have are listed below and will save you and I time. They will reveal if THIS IS YOU

  • You already have begun cultivating your own Spiritual awareness. In other words, you're definitely NOT foreign to Spiritual/Energetic concepts and experiences. 

  • You are mentally balanced and have , for the most part, lol, a sound mind

  • You ALREADY have a "success momentum" in other area(s) of your life.

  • You live your life with a sense of integrity and commitment.

  • You are willing and able to do whatever may be advised to you, in accordance with your case.

  • You are a genuinely an open minded person with a great sense of humor. 

  • You are AT THE VERY LEAST, ABOVE FINANCIALLY STABLE AND ABLE, to "Put Your Currency Where Your Heart's At", for the fulfillment and realization of your desire.

  • You are and have the ability to FOCUS.


That's Me, If Accepted, What Do I Get As A Client Of Shango Rei???

  • 60 - 90 Days of Ritual and Spell Work Services to insure your Success.

  • Bi-Weekly, 15 minute, "check in" sessions with Shango Rei, where you can ask questions and discuss everything pertinent to your case. This also gives Shango Rei the opportunity to make any calibration, magickally speaking, to your case as it unfolds.

  • 24/7 email, text and Facebook Messenger access to Shango Rei. 


It's Simple and Easy. All You have to do is Book An Application Consultation. It is only $72.00.  This where we BOTH discover if it is ecological for us to work together and if we WANT To Work Together. You will also get a *Spiritual Reading and Assessment on your case! When You Forward The Application Consultation Fee you will be contacted via email, within 24 hours to arrange a time as well as given Shango Rei's Business Phone number , so you can Give Him A call At The Appointed time for  Your Application Consultation Session. (This Spiritual Reading and Assessment is NOT a Personal Consultation. It is a consultation YOU are booking for the purposes of having Shango Rei perform Ritual Work, FOR YOU...on your behalf, for a SPECIFIC RESULT. It is an opportunity for Shango Rei to review your case/request, for BOTH of you to ask questions , and find out if THIS option is the one for you AND Shango Rei. For a Personal Consultation, please book an Hour Long Session OR submit a CallBack Request.

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