Open Your Doors And Roads Now! The Master Key Road Open Ritual Will Allow You To Move Into WHO You Want To Be And WHAT You Want To Have

Do You Have Areas In Your Life Or Spiritual Path Where You Feel Blocked, Stagnated Or SHUT DOWN? YOU NEED TO OPEN THE RIGHT ROADS AND DOORS, And CLOSE The Doors To The Things, People And Places That NO Longer Serve And Hinder YOU

Have you been feeling restless or impatient in your life because things are not moving in the way you'd like them or not at all? Does Your Life Feel Like A Series Of Setbacks, Obstacles and Blockages? Some people even experience this " stand still" feeling in their spiritual path or walk. 

Then there are those of you, who by all accounts, are successful but You Keep Feeling That Urge To Push Past Your Own Glass Ceilings And Plateaus... to go to the next level, but for some reason it's NOT happening. 

Spiritually Speaking, Your Roads are Closed. A "Road" is a symbol for your own pathway that you are traveling in this life. The road is a symbol of self-realization, adventure, life journey and directions you must follow to succeed. How do You Know Your "Roads Are Closed"? 

  • The INESCAPABLE feeling your taking ONE step forward and THREE steps back

  • NO matter what you do you always seemed to get cock blocked by some seemingly immovable blockage

  • The more time, money, focus or energy you invest, the less and less is coming back, leaving you in an "energetic debt" 

  • Seasons of "Bad Luck"

  • It feels like the Universe is AGAINST you especially when it comes to certain goals or aspirations 

Heading 1

The Master  Key Road Open Ritual

As You're Here Reading This Message, Thinking What Thoughts You're Thinking, Noticing what You are Noticing, You're Probably Wondering,

"Okay Shango, how the HELL do I get my roads open?"

That is a very excellent question. Before we explore Exactly HOW YOU CAN GET YOUR ROADS OPEN NOW, there is something I need to share with you. 99.9% of what you perceive as a block are internal patterns INSIDE of you. That is why you may have tried an ordinary Road Open Ritual and experienced very little or temporary results. 

99.9% of What You Perceive As A Block Are Internal Patterns INSIDE of You

The Secret of a powerful Road Opening Ritual contains 4 different Energetic/Spiritual Parts: 

  1. A Road Closing: Look,before you can go opening doors to wonderful, fulfilling and PASSIONATE  versions of your current life, YOU GOT TO CLOSE THE DOORS ON THE BULLSHIT THAT NO LONGER SERVES YOU. It is a mandatory aspect. Don't infect your NEXT road with the fuckery and emotional traumas of a past road.

  2. A Road Opening: NOW It's Time To Open Your Roads. Now it's time to Choose What Is For You and Allow the Unknown Roads that exist for YOUR benefit to make themselves KNOWN to YOU. 

  3. A Road Clearing: This Aspect of your work focuses On The Clearing of your new Roads, from the debris of the past and present.

  4. Consistent Maintenance: Just like your back gets misaligned from regular everyday life and may require an adjustment, so too do your Roads. Whether repeating this procedure every 2 weeks or every month, you must maintain your Roads Upkeep, spiritually and energetically speaking. Having the right tools helps you Help Yourself With Keeping Your Roads Open And Clear

Is It Possible To Get A "Master Key Road Open Ritual" Done For Me?

What if I told you, YES, The Doors Are Now Open, it IS INDEED possible for You to Get A Master Key Road Open Ritual AND receive the tools to KEEP Your Roads Open And Clear ON YOUR OWN after the Ritual? Yes, some of the Ritual Implements ARE apart of the Entire Ritual Itself. I will fully explain in just a minute. First let me share what a Master Key Road Open Ritual IS and DOES For You. 

A Master Key Road Open Ritual Utilizes The Power Of Eleggua and Eshu. These are Gatekeeper Deities/forces. They open and close ALL ROADS. The Ritual includes all 4 of the Essential Phases needed for change and/or to Open Your Roads in your 3D reality,  It also takes effect on your Astral, Energetic, Psychic and Emotional bodies as well.  It is Designed to work WITH your own Road Open workings and get YOU in YOUR FLOW.


  • Access To Opportunities, Situations, Knowledge And People That Seemed to Be Unreachable Before

  • Increase in Synchronistic Events And Messages

  • MORE access to your natural Flow State

  • Greater ability to "close the door" on BULLSHIT, whether it's a situation, person or EVEN your own bullshit beliefs that have been blocking you

  • A MUCH greater ability to learn from AND TRANSFORM any challenges that may pop up So they work FOR you as opposed to against you


BESIDES  Shango Rei performing a comprehensive, CUSTOM Master Key Road Open Ritual for you and your specific Spiritual Needs, this ritual ALSO comes with COMPLIMENTARY , RITUAL GIFTS/TOOLS THAT WILL ASSIST YOU IN *KEEPING* YOUR ROADS OPEN. These Tools are ALSO Ritualistically and CUSTOM made for you, so each Eleggua/ Eshu head, Maraca and Plate will be different and totally unique.  EVEN the designs of your tools are a form of Spiritual Code. These tools and implements form a physical 3 Dimensional Altar you can use to work and interface with these Important Energies. Guide Line Instructions Are Also Included!

You Receive These Gifts with your Master Key Road Open Ritual:

Bonus Gift#1 Eleggua/Eshu Head

You receive An Eleggua/Eshu Head. Magickally Prepared and Consecrated for you. Dressed up, blessed up and zested up. ($2,000.00 USD Value)

Bonus Gift#2 Eleggua/Eshu Plate

You receive An Eleggua/Eshu Plate. Magickally Prepared and Consecrated for you. Makes a perfect home for your Elegua Head($399.00 USD Value)

Bonus Gift#3 Eleggua/Eshu Maraca

You receive An Eleggua/Eshu Maraca. Magickally Prepared and Consecrated for you. The Maraca has been used both traditionally and Ritualistically to "call down" Eleggua. ($450.00 USD Value)


We are proud to gift you Our BRAND FREAKING NEW " Shangoreian Prosperity OIL". We were going to release this Special, Powerful Oil but actually decided to keep it as private stock. You receive a complimentary bottle when You Claim Your Master Key Road Open Ritual. ($72.00 Value) 

We are ALSO Gifting you a bottle of our Private Stock Road Open Oil. An EXCELLENT and POWERFUL Oil you can use in your future Eleggua/Eshu Road Open Rituals. ($72.00 Value)

Consider This First...

For most Ritual Work, Shango Rei's starting price is $1,500.00. Depending on where you go, a Ritualistically prepared Eleggua Head can run you into the THOUSANDS, alone. If you tallied up all you get, its common for people to commission for these services and Implements at around $4,000.00 total. But that's not what it's going for today. NOT EVEN $2,000.00.

The Master Key Road Open Ritual