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You're here because of the video you have seen. You are ready for a dramatic change and shift in your current life. You also would probably also like to experience this in the most efficient and expedient amount of time, too. You are at the right place and right time, according to your very own Divine Timing. Click the "Claim Your Lifetime Pass" Now! Here is what you will receive: 

  • A Lifetime Pass to the Shangoreian Miracle Magi Site. With all the content and tools to come, this is a STEAL. 

  • Lifetime Membership to OUR SECRET Facebook Group, where you will receive all the support you need for working with these rituals. Make new friends that are on the same frequency as you.

  • A ONE Hour Intuitive Consultation with Shango Rei ($198.00 value) where you have the opportunity for you to get your very own customized, tailor made Ritual for YOU...based on your needs and circumstances! ($1,999.00 value.) 

  • A complimentary follow up 15 minute session to calibrate, and adjust if necessary, the working based on YOUR RESULTS AND PROGRESS! 

  • OVER $2260.00 VALUE!

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