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Shango Rei is a professional Spiritual and Intuitive Consultant and Intuition Access Exppert, Published Author and Occultist. From the youngest age, Shango Rei has had a Supernatural pull towards all things Supernatural and Spiritual. As young as five or six years old, when in a book store or library He would invariably find His way into the Occult and Psychic sections. Though disparaged by a religious mother, Shango Rei persisted. 

It wasn't until His late 20's that He had what can only be described as a Spiritual Total Recall, a remembrance and reconnection, of experiences and memories that He did not have in THIS life. That is when He instinctively began to practice different forms of Mental Magick. 

A few years later, Shango experienced what has been termed by mystics and shamans throughout the ages, as a "Dark Night Of The Soul". He entered a very dark period in His life. He lost most of His earthly possessions. He went homeless and was existing in survival mode. He had hit rock bottom and, at one point, was ready to "check out" of this life...permanently. It was a total stripping away of everything He THOUGHT He was. 

It was at this time, that He began diving full fledge  into His magick and spirituality. Studying even more than ever before, practicing even more than ever before had led to a cathartic moment that can only be described as "The Shift". A 180 degree shift. Seemingly overnight, his earthly, physical conditions changed. Soon, He was once again experiencing passion, abundance and most important...FREEDOM, on a whole new level. 

Shango Rei has mastered the art of Cartomancy, divination with playing cards. It is through His skill sets, tools, and gifts that He now serves His clients.

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