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Are you convinced you have been cursed? Have you experienced months or YEARS of Bad Luck, Misfortune, etc? Is there one particular area of your life that just seems to continually disappoint, frustrate and anger you? 


It's like you just can't fuckin win!


Are your magick spells, law of attraction practices, vision boards etc, just NOT fucking working? Hell,  does even your physical action attempts at doing what you can to change your circumstance Just Seem To FLOP? 


I got good news and bad news for you. I will start with the "bad". IF you are indeed cursed, NOTHING you do to manifest your desires is going to work.

And I mean NOTHING. 

You will continue to struggle with this area(s) of life. You Will Suffer with UNFULFILLMENT... On a DAILY, moment to moment basis. YOU ALREADY KNOW HOW THIS FEELS. 

Now IMAGINE it's permanent to where there's NO light at the end of your tunnel. 

You see, if you're cursed, The Curse, will more than likely begin to take on a life of it's own. It FEEDS off your energy and misery. It seeks to become a part of your SELF identity. And if you been living with this curse long enough, chances are it already has. 

You may already identify and see yourself as a person who ( ex: is always broke, always sick, has the SHITTIEST luck in love and partners, ETC.)

UNTIL you NEUTRALIZE and FREE YOUR SELF from the yolk of your curse, the good shit you want and NEED will continue to evade you and/or SLIP THROUGH your fingers.



You're NOT here by accident. If you are TIRED OF BEING TIRED... and you are WILLING to DO WHATEVER IT TAKES... Your BREAKTHROUGH is here.


"If you are willing to stand forever, you won't have to stand much longer."   

First off, let's assess HERE AND NOW as best we can, IF YOU ARE CURSED IN THE FIRST PLACE. So take our simple yet THOROUGH , Curse Assessment Quiz.

Here's how it works. You will read about( or you can watch the video above) The 13 KEY Indications of being cursed. The rule of thumb here is, if you have FIVE OR MORE of these indications, then You Really Want To Get Some Help Here so you can finally FREE YOURSELF. 

We STRONGLY suggest you watch the above video for a THOROUGH explanation of The 13 Key Indications AND to educate yourself EXACTLY what a Curse IS and how one gets cursed.

But Here are The 13 Key Indications that can help you verify and clarify if you are more than likely CURSED.

The Curse Assessment Quiz

  1. Major Losses( one after another) whether in relationships, financial losses and/or property and opportunities 

  2. Repetitive Injuries or Illness/ Health Problems

  3. Constant Persisting Extreme Fatigue

  4. Major Miscommunications and Feeling Distant in Relationships which are usually close

  5. Accidents( Auto, Physical, Etc)

  6. SUDDEN Pain and/or Illness with NO known cause

  7. Important Shit Gets Lost or Disappears

  8. Shadow People/ Sleep Paralysis/ Feeling Like Your Being Watched

  9. Major Drawn Out Blockages ( ex: actively looking for a job for over 6 months with NO results or employment. IT SHOULD'NT TAKE THAT LONG TO FIND A JOB)

  10. Out Of No where Your Intuition says to you " I think WE'RE CURSED"

  11. Missing Photos or Personal Items ( underware, clothes, etc)

  12. Strange Objects or Substances in or around your enviornment

  13. Amulets or Crystals Break or Disappear

Now, if you have 5 or more of these, lets talk about how YOU CAN GET THE HELP YOU NEED NOW.

YOU ARE UNIQUE. So is your situation. There could be a generational curse, there could be a Direct Curse from Someone You know or Unknown. You can also be suffering from a serious case of "Selfie" Cursing. Yes, where you keep cursing the shit out of your self. 

Shango Rei is also going to have to do special Divinations to FURTHER clarify the "WHAT" and The Spiritual Treatment Package to get you free. 

YOU are also going to have to put in your own work here. If you are cursed, THEN it is YOUR responsibility to be pro active. 

So we need to get you booked for A Curse Removal Divination Session with Shango Rei.


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After you purchase your time slot, within 48 hours, Shango Rei will email you to set up a time for your consultation. This consultation will last approximately 45 Minutes. Shango will discuss your case in detail, perform an Ancestral Divination to see which Treatment Package would be best for you, as well as what each Treatment Package includes and entails. And of course answer all your questions about this process.

spiritual consultations and intuitive readings


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